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Nexus Multiversal Banking
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This is The Nexus Bank, a.k.a Nexus Multiversal Banking. The NMB has a branch in many universes! Perhaps even yours! But if you don't have a local branch, that's fine -- you can always visit HQ right here in the multiverse.

The NMB was created because, well, there are business transactions in the nexus and people switching universes or buying property (for example) in worlds they don't exist in, and it can be a little challenging to figure out how to organise payment or figure out how to get to your monies from a universe you have no bank account in. The answer to this? Nexus banking! Nexus: Making Life Easier (And Much Weirder) For Years And Years.

We are in fact looking for people to work at the bank.

Your friendly (and OOC) mods are sixtyonereasons and simply_ellie.

The Rules (borrowed from nexus_stables with permission):

This is a fictional setting for RPG purposes. Nothing that happens here is real. All of the characters are fictional. Many come from existing fandoms, but no copyright infringement is intended and nobody's making any kind of profit on this.

All pups are welcome. Original characters, Fandom characters, AU versions of characters. There is no application process, except for pups who wish to work at the bank. Please submit any job inquiries to this post. As long as you follow these rules, you are welcome here. Mun accounts, however, are not permitted. This is a fictional setting, and that's one of the fastest ways to blur the IC/OOC line.

Plotty threads are welcome, as well. Feel free to bring your storylines in, and play out sequences from them here, as long as they follow these rules.

If your thread is plot-related and you'd rather not have people outside of the plot involved, please remember to indicate that by using a ((locked to...)) tag, indicating who may join. The default assumption is that any thread is open to any member of the community, unless you specify otherwise.

Violence is permitted, and people CAN die. ICA=ICC, remember. The NMB is certainly available to be a target for bank heists, but the mods would like to know about it in advance so things can be worked out for everyone involved.

Godmoding is not allowed. You cannot attribute words or actions to any pups but your own, unless you've discussed it with the pups' players and gotten their consent first.

This is a community open to all ages of players, so please keep harsh language to a minimum, and any possibly-NSFW content to a minimum. Any possibly-NSFW content needs to be behind a cut-tag and contain a warning both in the tag and the post title.

Should a thread you're running here veer into explicit adult content, please have it segue into your own livejournal prior to the explicit material beginning.

IC =/= OOC. If you have OOC problems with another player, and can't play with their characters without it becoming a problem, just don't play with them. The bank is large. You don't have to encounter anyone you dislike.

The mods reserve the right to disallow membership for any user, at any time, should someone come up with problem situations that we haven't covered here. This is our free time and nobody's paying us to deal with drama queens and crap-stirrers, so we're not going to.

The mods reserve the right to modify, change, or add to these rules as needed.

Remember, this is all in fun, so have fun. If there's a problem you can't resolve on your own, talk to the mods and we'll try to help you. If you just can't have fun with this situation, as our rules stand, that's okay and we wish you luck elsewhere.

Bank exterior (borrowed from the National Bank of Romania):

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Main lobby:

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