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Scout - Nexus Multiversal Banking [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nexus Multiversal Banking

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Scout [Mar. 11th, 2007|11:08 am]
Nexus Multiversal Banking


Tess would have loved to have seen this. Danny guessed she probably would before too long. Something like this wouldn't stay empty for long.

Still, it was empty for now. Danny walked into the deserted circular lobby of the bank. The Rationalist influences were immediately obvious and the place at least looked like it had been around for easily sixty or seventy years. Granite staircases and massive Corinthian columns surrounded him on all sides. Grandiose just wasn't in it. If you could have built a bank that was made just for high-rollers, then this seemed to be it.

There were monumental pieces of art on the walls, Grigorescu and Voinescu seemed to feature prominently. Danny wouldn't have known, but he could read, and so said the signs. He made a mental note to mention them to Tess, if he bumped into her again.

As he continued to walk through the lobby, he noticed some neo-classical elements and the building seemed to get older, the further he walked.

Pulling out a set of documents from his inside jacket pocket, he opened the passport that nestled within them in his hand.

"Miguel Sanchez, time to meet your new Bank Manager."

Returning the documents to his pocket, he took one last look around the building and strode forward into the heart of the bank, smiling inwardly.